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Acupuncture: In Life as in Health, Balance Matters!


Acupuncture on the
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Robert Downey Jr.
Honored for TCM

Finding Solace & Relief:
Acupuncture for Veterans

Acupuncture treats the illness and the underlying reason for the imbalance. This ancient system of healing is recognized by modern medicine as both safe and effective.

It works by providing stimulation along the Meridian pathways, Acupuncture removes blockages that cause disruption in our bodies and in our lives.

Think of the Chi in your body as water in a garden hose; if you bend the hose, the water cannot flow. Acupuncture removes this block. freeing your energy and restoring health.

There is no problem too large or too small that Acupuncture treatments cannot help.

As a veteran in the field with 26 plus years of experience, I have treated literally tens of thousands of patients. Cross trained in both Tai Chi & Reiki, I incorporate these modalities into every visit. Conveniently located in the heart of the South Shore and currently accepting new patients.    

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