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Acupuncture: In Life as in Health, Balance Matters!


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Robert Downey Jr.
Honored for TCM

Finding Solace & Relief:
Acupuncture for Veterans

We are Energy. The ancient Chinese call this vital life force Chi. For over 3000 years we have known techniques to strengthen & heal our bodies through the art of moving Chi using Acupuncture , Tai Chi & Reiki.

Recent scientific research has discovered & validated the Meridian pathways Chi uses to flow through our bodies. These methods compliment Western Medicine & can enhance all aspects of our lives.

This is at the heart of Balance Matters: To help you live free of pain, heal your body & promote a sense of well being that gives you abundance in your life.

For over 27 years I have worked with Chi. As a Tai Chi Practitioner-Teacher, Reiki Master & Licensed Acupuncturist. I have found that nearly every challenge we face in life can be greatly assisted with the application of these modalities.

My site is designed to introduce you to this amazing world.

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